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I want to nap a little more before I'm up for the day, but I felt the urge to update my journal.

Last night Kay met my parents after the show. During the conversation she zinged me, apologized by telling me that she loves me, and then excused herself to get changed with a kiss. It was all very natural, but immediately afterward it felt very brave on her part--in her first meeting, she openly admits that she loves me and she kisses me in their sight. When I noted this to her later, she apologized if it was inappropriate. I told her it wasn't--I just felt it was brave to do on a first meeting.

We got to our usual after-show restaurant after the kitchen closed because we were being adjudicated for an hour after the show (the feedback was well worth it), so a bunch of us were standing around wondering where to get food. I was thinking about an all-night diner in a town close to Troy, but I wasn't suggesting it because it was about 15 minutes away from where we were. Then Kay turns to me and asks "Have you been to the Latham 76 diner?" It was as if she'd read my mind. Of course, I'd forgotten that she's a student at the college three blocks from my house (which happens to be my alma mater), so what's convenient for me is convenient for her during the school year. Also, the diner wasn't any further from her parents' place; it was pretty much the same distance in a slightly different direction.

So we went off on our own and had our second proper date (which I'm defining as times we go off on our own without the rest of the cast). Most of it was spent analysing Star Wars (mostly Episode III and most of the analysing was done by Kay). I also told her how impressed I was with the questions she'd asked and statements she'd made during the adjudication--they were all very thoughtful, and they showed that she took the craft of acting very seriously (did I mention that she's a Musical Theater major?).

Then it was time to come home. I wanted to stay there with Kay all night, and she wanted to stay with me, but we both needed sleep quite badly... so we got in our cars and headed to our homes.

Mmmm... OK, I'm sleepy again. Back to bed.