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To read the impossible part...

I had immense amounts of fun tonight.

I went to an audition for The Man of La Mancha, and I got to read for the part of Don Quixote... multiple times. I can't PLAY Don Quixote, of course. He's a Baritone, and I'm a Tenor. The Tenor parts in TMoLM are Sancho Panza, the Padre, the Barber, Anselmo the muleteer and the Moor. But it's so much fun getting to read for a cool part, even if you can't ever play it. Every time Dox Quixote said the name "Dulcinea", my voice had a tone of wonder and awe in it. To be truthful, whenever Dox Quixote was speaking of or to Dulcinea, I thought of Karen. It helped me achieve the state of bliss Quixote must have been in...


Beautiful Dulcinea...



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Jan. 24th, 2005 03:09 pm (UTC)
And me who have a voice usually compared to the crow's mating call... :/
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