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Genericon Update #3

Well, today was a bit dissappointing. I had been planning on going to the 9am mass, and then going back to the con to catch the 11am Haibane Renmei, but then at 8:00 my brother's fiancee called because she couldn't do children's liturgy at the 10:30--her kids were sick. So I went to the 10:30 instead. By the time mass was over, I'd missed the first episode, so I didn't bother going to see the rest, since I figured Haibane Renmei is whacked enough that I don't want to try to grok it jumping into it in progress.

I did get to see the last episode of Excel Saga, which was hilarious. No Maharomatic II, but I'll borrow the Maharomatic I haven't seen from Kato after things have settled down a bit. I saw the last 5 or so episodes of Banner of the Stars. Of course, it's kind of hard to follow that series' battle episodes without a detailed hierarchy chart and map of the battlefield. ;)

I did manage to put in the winning bid for print 1/25 of Young Agnes "Deathbringer" MacFarlane.

And now it's over. I'm a little depressed it's over, and I'm still a little depressed mulling over the thoughts Onegai Teacher brought on last night. That's the problem with everything that's really good. At some point, it always seems to come to an end.
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