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Why won't they leave me alone?

It started this afternoon. Phone calls asking me for information that people should have been interested in MONTHS ago. I told them what they wanted to know, and told them that I had resigned, and I wasn't involved anymore.

Nobody listened to me months in advance, so it's their own fucking fault when they can't turn the juggernaut around at the last minute.

And then I got the email, telling me the liar and thief had been elected to the national board. It told me who I could talk to if I wanted details. I don't want details, I replied. I've left, and I've left because nobody was interested in stopping this from happening. They've all made their own beds, and now they can fucking well sleep in them.

I'm tired of participating in an organization pretending it's about helping students when it's really about alumni members manipulating their own little empires. I'm done. I'm through. I tendered my resignation two weeks ago, so leave me the fuck alone.


Oh, and for those who will tell me that it's been four years, and I should get over it, I have one response: No. It's been TEN years, and nothing anybody has shown me even remotely suggests that I should get over it. My big regret is that I allowed myself to be hoodwinked into running, thus making it impossible for me to speak up personally about my disgust. I pity all the people he's taken with his disingenuity. Eventually, they'll realize their mistake, but I don't plan to stick around to see it happen.
Tags: anger
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