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Cartoon love...

As only befits a cartoon character, I'm in love with several cartoon women. Unfortunately, only one of them knows I exist, and she just wants to be friends (not to mention that she's currently a guy, but more on that later).

First and foremost is my undying devotion to Belldandy. Quite a few people completely misunderstand this, and tell me that if I really like the perfect domestic woman type, I should read/watch blah, blah, blah. I don't give a rat's ass about Belldandy's domestic tendencies. What makes me love Belldandy so much is now completely and utterly she believes in Keiichi. She believes in him so much that he is physically incapable of letting her down. Whenever Keiichi is met with an impossible situation and he's on the verge of just giving up, he always manages to catch a glimpse of Belldandy, either visually or in his mind. He knows how much she believes in him, and her belief fuels him and allows him to become the pinnacle of achievement that Belldandy believes him to be.

I know this works in two ways: first, Belldandy's belief confirms Keiichi's ability, and gives him the self confidence to go forth and achieve. Second, when things are at their most grim, he envisions failure and how that would dissappoint Belldandy. Keiichi cannot bear the thought of dissappointing his goddess, and this drives him to accomplish his goal.

This is why I am completely in love with Belldandy. Not because she's beautiful, not because she's gentle and kind, not because she has phenominal cosmic power... but because she loves Keiichi in a way that I can only dream of being loved.

Next, of course, is Joyce. Joyce is the only cartoon character that knows I exist, thanks to her creator David Willis. To what extent she knows I exist is unclear, but it was just enough for her to tell me that she just wanted to be friends.

Why Joyce? Because she's just so cool. She watches cartoons, she's sweet and innocent, she's... I dunno, it's hard to put my finger on it. I think it's because in the comic strip she's been struggling to grow up, but still maintain her youth, and she's been succeeding at that.

Of course, now Willis has her turned into a guy, and that's just wierd. I still love her, because she's still essentially the same person, but she's a he, and I'm not attracted to men, but... it's all just a ploy on Willis' part to screw with his readers' brains. And my brain has been quite effectively screwed.

The third and final installment of "packy blabbers on about women who don't exist" is Yomiko Readman. I think I fell in love with Yomiko the very first moment I saw her in the OVAs, when she was reaching out from under a pile of books to answer her telephone. Her apartment is filled with books. It's a mess. She leaves herself notes everywhere (on a lamp: "Turn me off, ne, ne" on a lunch: "Eat me, ne, ne" on her money: "Save money, ne, ne"). Ok, yes, she has dark hair down to her waist and she dresses up in a floor length skirt, a vest and a long coat. Everything about her just screams "Geek!"

What inspired today's love-fest was Young's portrait of Yomiko over at Nekobox. I saw it and sighed, because I just love Yomiko. Of course, I soon realized that I wouldn't have even recognized her if it weren't for the glasses and coat. I've only seen the OVAs, but I want to read the manga when it gets translated. I just hope she doesn't dress up like that too often in the manga... I really like her geek look.