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Since posting legal notices to one's timeline seems to be in vogue...

In response to the new Facebook guidelines, Packy Anderson hereby declares that his copyright is attached to everyone's personal details, notes, rests, homes, dinners, professional photos, photos, and videos, etc. posted by anybody on the site (as a result of the Burger and Fries Convention).

For commercial or non-commercial use of the above, his written consent is needed at all times!

By the present communiqu�, he notifies Facebook and everybody on it that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, distribute, disseminate, dissemble, discombobulate, disassemble or take any other "d"-words against him on the basis of any content on the internet. The aforementioned prohibited "d"-words also apply to employees, students, agents and/or any staff under Facebook's direction or control, including people living on Amish farms who've never even heard of Facebook. The content of every single person's profile is private and confidential information for the sole use of Packy Anderson. Any violation of this supposed privacy is punishable by spanking (UCC 1-800-NOT-REAL and the Rome Statue--you know, the one without any clothes on).

THERE. Since posting notices to timelines creates a legal, binding contract, I now own all your stuff. You now need my express permission to post ANYTHING to Facebook! Bow down before me, bitches!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Posted by Packy Anderson on 27 Nov 2017, 05:24

from Facebook
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