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09:10 am: Packy
01:45 pm: Freddie is starting to copy his mommy. I'm sure I've seen Kay do the "one eye" shot...
03:04 pm: Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the F.B.I. and Will Cooperate With Russia Inquiry
03:09 pm: Lawmaker behind secret $84K sexual harassment settlement unmasked
03:23 pm: If Flynn Is Small Fry, Who’s the Bigger Fish in Mueller’s Net?
02:44 pm: Needed to kill two hours while Kay was busy, so I decided to have some fun!
02:49 pm: https://twitter.com/pattonoswalt/status/936696004115492864?s=17
03:34 pm: Packy Anderson is with Kay Koch at Alice's Tea Cup.
08:14 pm: Koch Brothers and N.R.A. Reach Timeshare Agreement Over Ownership of Paul Ryan
09:15 pm: Kay, singing along with the radio: "Abra, Abracadabra. I want to reach out and grab bra. ...…
02:07 am: Packy
02:09 am: Packy
02:13 am: Packy
02:23 am: Packy
02:24 am: Packy
03:12 pm: Wishing I was in Troy today for the Victorian Stroll.
09:58 pm: GOP senator: No tax cuts for working people because they blow them on “booze or women”
01:26 pm: Brock Turner Is Now Complaining That the Justice System Was “Fundamentally Unfair” to Him
01:33 pm: Things We Saw Today: The Infinity War Trailer Re-Cut With ’90s Animation
06:41 pm: Why Alabamians Should Vote For Roy Moore For Senate
08:32 am: Packy
08:33 am: Packy
10:19 pm: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Politics
10:21 pm: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Baa
10:38 pm: Everybody Lies: FBI Edition
11:34 pm: Dustin Hoffman Spars With John Oliver Over Harassment Claims: “I Find It Very Upsetting That You…
11:38 pm: The EPA Tells Mining Companies Someone Else Can Pay to Clean Up Their Messes
12:33 am: Packy
07:16 am: Alt-right women are upset that alt-right men are treating them terribly
10:08 am: Trump vs Talking Heads - Swedemason
02:43 pm: Sarah Sanders: Trump OK With Businesses Hanging Antigay Signs
05:13 pm: A Service Dog Got Loose and Chased an Actress During a Performance of Cats
08:16 pm: xkcd: Self-Driving Car Milestones
05:28 am: Disabled Americans don't have voting rights under a law signed by a Trump election fraud…
10:59 pm: cat versus human
11:13 pm: The 20 Blackest Moments From Sharon Reed’s Clapback Heard Round the World
11:16 pm: Surprise: The Shitty Men of Media Were Not Great to Hillary
12:13 am: Packy
12:27 pm: On Tax Bill, It’s Trump vs. His Hometown
12:45 am: Packy's Year in Review Video
01:08 am: Sheriff Joe Arpaio ‘Seriously, Seriously’ Considering Senate Run
01:20 am: Packy
01:26 am: Packy
03:32 pm: Cards Against Humanity Redistributes Your Wealth
08:33 am: Packy
08:46 am: Packy
10:07 am: Ever since my 50th birthday, I've been dreading getting this mail. It arrived yesterday.
01:16 pm: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Healthcare
07:21 pm: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - tldr
07:21 pm: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - tldr
01:59 am: Packy
02:05 am: Packy
08:17 am: So glad I'm not commuting into Manhattan these days.
03:10 pm: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: shinelikethunder: ...
03:54 pm: A Normal New York Commute, a Boom and Then Chaos
09:11 pm: Good GIFs of the Holidays on Fire, From the Government
10:09 pm: Macron to award US climate scientists ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ grants
12:46 pm: Trump attacks Gillibrand in tweet critics say is sexually suggestive and demeaning
06:44 pm: The Claws Are Out: Animal Lovers React to Donald Trump Reportedly Calling Pets 'Low Class'
10:50 pm: I'm thankful that Roy Moore was defeated and won't be in the US Senate. I am, however, terrified…
11:56 pm: (Stolen from a friend) predictive text game: "Harry Potter and the..."
06:22 am: Opinion | After Trent Franks, men worry if asking subordinates to bear their child is still okay
07:45 am: Roy Moore's Wife: 'One Of Our Attorneys Is a Jew'
08:49 am: Packy
12:56 pm: Donald J. Trump on Twitter
08:18 am: Packy
01:38 pm: I'm obnoxious and disliked, you know that, sir.
08:13 am: Packy
08:30 am: R.I.P. The Internet
02:20 pm: xkcd: Argument Timing
02:25 pm: Inside Matt Lauer’s Secret Relationship With a ‘Today’ Production Assistant (EXCLUSIVE)
02:30 pm: Watch a Trump Judicial Nominee Get Torn to Shreds Over His Total Lack of Qualifications
10:37 pm: Just gonna leave this massive Star Wars spoiler here
11:15 pm: I Have Almost Nothing Bad To Say About Matthew Spencer Petersen
11:33 pm: Never miss your stop again - with step-by-step directions in transit navigation
11:48 pm: Republicans Keep Going Lower. How Long Can Democrats Afford to Stay High?
09:13 am: Packy
09:14 am: Packy
09:14 am: Packy
09:19 am: Packy
10:17 am: CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity
11:08 am: Schumer promises a Senate vote on overturning FCC's net neutrality repeal
03:02 am: Packy
03:10 am: Packy
09:06 am: My favorite part of the CapDist Tuba Christmas: the guy who shows up with the Serpent dressed in…
09:19 am: Opinion | Trent Franks rescinded my internship when I wouldn’t come to his house
09:30 am: https://twitter.com/2tonbug/status/941750607089725440
10:01 am: Gee, thanks Google Inbox. Maybe I might want to unsubscribe from that email if I knew more about…
03:23 pm: Christie miffed after successor poses next to cutout photo of him on New Jersey beach
03:26 pm: Neil Gaiman
09:27 pm: Uproar Over Purported Ban at C.D.C. of Words Like ‘Fetus’
12:55 am: Packy
01:01 am: Packy
01:01 am: Packy
01:02 am: Packy
02:28 pm: How to Take Out AT-ATs - EASY METHOD EXPLAINED!!
02:34 pm: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Splice
02:36 pm: xkcd: Calendar Facts
02:47 pm: Fox News Accuses FBI, Mueller of ‘Coup’ to Overthrow Trump
08:06 pm: Naturally, I'm Worried, thetrekkiehasthephonebox: heroofthreefaces: ...
03:20 pm: "Freddo is simply continuing a proud, flatulent tradition." -Kay, on Freddie following Tommy's…
07:28 pm: Packy
08:02 pm: https://twitter.com/jtm_/status/941357716823597056
11:25 pm: Why Do We Sleep Under Blankets, Even on the Hottest Nights?
01:06 am: Silicon Valley's Dumbest 'Inventions' of 2017
01:18 am: Time To Make Life Hard For The Rich
01:24 am: 'Starwars' and the 24 Other Worst Passwords of 2017
07:43 am: The Mind of a Keab42
10:51 pm: Packy
11:10 pm: What’s The Difference
11:11 pm: xkcd: Virtual Assistant
11:15 pm: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Omni
08:32 am: Packy
01:26 pm: tenor.com
08:11 am: Packy
08:14 am: Packy
08:25 am: Packy
08:26 am: Packy
04:31 pm: How Tax Cuts Affect Revenue
09:10 am: Packy
09:42 am: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Limits
09:50 am: Autometalogolex.
06:14 pm: WH denies Trump said Haitian immigrants 'all have AIDS'
09:49 pm: This is totally babies, omg-humor: I love Calvin’s mom’s reaction in the...
07:56 am: Packy
04:47 pm: The Twilight Effect: Is That What People Saw After The SpaceX Rocket Launch?
10:11 pm: Oscar the Grouch - I hate Christmas
06:50 am: xkcd: Santa Facts
08:43 am: Christmas waffle breakfast.
09:02 am: Packy Anderson is with Kay Koch.
12:06 pm: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Quantum Weirdness
12:07 pm: cat versus human
12:10 pm: https://mathwithbaddrawings.com/2017/11/29/epitaphs-in-the-graveyard-of-mathematics/
12:22 pm: The Three Barriers to Deep Thinking in School
01:39 pm: 9 dubious claims about the Republican tax bill Trump just signed
09:01 pm: Christmas Special!
11:37 pm: wp.production.patheos.com
01:13 am: How Donald Trump lost the 'War on Christmas'
01:24 am: Share The Facts
08:25 am: Packy
08:29 am: Packy
08:32 am: Packy
10:18 pm: Packy
10:29 pm: xkcd: Phone Security
11:37 pm: Maybe People Should Refresh Themselves On What 'Movies' Are Before Seeing The Last Jedi
11:38 pm: Gary the Dog Lookalike Makes an Appearance in The Last Jedi in Honor of Princess Carrie Fisher
11:45 pm: Threats against Kelly Marie Tran highlight a fear of women who break sexist stereotypes
12:10 am: Departing Doctor Who Sends Comforting Letter to a 9-Year-Old Fan
12:59 am: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Old Days
09:28 am: A police officer fatally shot a man while responding to an emergency call now called a 'swatting'…
09:47 am: ‘The Shed at Dulwich’ was London’s top-rated restaurant. Just one problem: It didn’t exist.
10:16 am: Incoherent, authoritarian, uninformed: Trump’s New York Times interview is a scary read
10:27 am: Porgs Were Invented Because 'The Last Jedi' Couldn't Get Rid of the Puffins on Skellig Michael
02:39 am: The One Way Your Laptop Is Actually Slower Than a 30-Year-Old Apple IIe
10:08 am: Consider That Trump Might Just Be Dumb
10:24 am: Packy
10:27 am: Packy
10:28 am: Packy
03:13 pm: I love how Nova Launcher by TeslaCoil Software is so much more functional than Google's default…