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September 1st, 2004


I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I've been busy.

The reason I've been moved to carve out a few minutes to post tonight is because my sister, once again, is letting a clingy LiveJournal friend stress her out. This "friend" complained to her that she thinks she's a "backup friend" because my sister hasn't been online much recently, and, consequently, hasn't been talking to HER. She thinks my sister HAS been online, but instead of talking to her, she thinks my sister has been talking to that nutjob Shoi.

Oi. Can't my sister get a life without catching crap from people online? She's been busy. She's been living with me, and she's been spending lots of time with friends she can see and hear and touch. She's also been making new friends. She's also been going to school.

I'm very happy that I don't catch crap from any of my friends here if I dissappear for a while. They know I'm busy. Thank you, everybody, for not being as crazy as the people my sister has had for friends in the past.