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May 25th, 2004

From _gerald via gwalla

1) Go to Google and type in your first name only.
2) Search for images (click the images tab)
3) Select and post your 3 favorites.

Packy the PachydermCollapse )

I'm a HOT DOG?!?!?Collapse )

My Champions Character, now part of The Justice League of Suburbia!Collapse )


May. 25th, 2004

Wheel of Lyricism, turn, turn turn! Tell us the lyric that we should learn! And today's lyric is...
kizutsuku koto wa kowakunai
dakedo kesshite tsuyokunai
tada, nanimo shinai mama de
kuyandari wa shitakunai
Here we go! go! hashiri-tsudzukeru
dare ni mo tomerare wa shinai
mirai no jibun e to
Give a reason for life todoketai

I made it easy. I left the engrish in.