May 4th, 2004

ME: headphones

Tremendous Tanuki Testicles!

Yes, those of you who guessed that the Ghibli film tonight was Pom Poko, polish up your Anime Expert badges.

Too tired for even a quick synopsis. I have to mop down the bathroom before I go to bed.

I'll post tomorrow. I promise.
ME: headphones

Daily Lyric!

Wheel of Lyricism, turn, turn turn! Tell us the lyric that we should learn!
And today's lyric is...

I'm gonna catch up on my novels,
I'm gonna catch up on my soaps.
And if that snow accumulates
I'm gonna catch up on ths slopes.
I know the way I'm feelin',
I just can't find the words,
It's not to knock your way of life,
But that life is for the birds...