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starline asked folks to re-tweet this story on Twitter, but I figure it's better for Google search results if it's posted from lots of different domains.

Quoth Brian King:
Long story short, these guys wanted a promotional video on a $1000 budget. I got them two P2 cameras, a full light kit, and time at the (extremely expensive/amazing) LA Sound Gallery, along with a stuido engineer doing sound and Sean on second camera. Because they didn’t have the time/money to multrack a vocals/piano session, all sound was recorded and mixed live.

Four days after the shoot, they decided that they didn’t like the mix and stopped payment on my check. All the money got sucked out of my account, and I’m now in the red for all of their expenses. As of right now, Marlene Arden and Phil Conti are refusing to correct their stopped payment for completed services (aka: check fraud), and I’m screwed.

Marlene Arden googles her name often enough to feel the pressure that the internet is putting on her this morning. Hopefully, this leads to her coming to her senses and cleaning up her mess.

Help me out, and spread the word in any way you can.
Brian, as someone who's been screwed out of payment by a client because they didn't like the results (though that didn't stop them from trying to steal the work I'd done and hand it off to another consultant), I have three words for you: Small. Claims. Court. It may be a bit of a hassle, but you can get back the grand AND any expenses you incurred in filing the claim, so in the end, what it costs you is your time. Which still sucks, but that's what most people who pull this fraud are counting on--it's more of a hassle to get the money through a small claims suit than the money is worth.