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7.4 pounds!!!

She weighed in at 7.4 pounds when I got home from work tonight! (She usually weighs about 7 pounds.) Kay's back, and she says she saw her tentatively drinking water, so I think as long as I keep up the antibiotics she'll keep getting better.

I've found that, for the eye dropper of antibiotics, it works best to wrap her tightly in a towel and swaddle her like an infant, then hold her in my arms like an infant and ease drops of the Clavamox between her cheek and gums one at a time, then wait for her to smack her lips to get rid of the liquid.

Tonight's dinner is mostly a/d & baby food mix with a small dollop of plain baby food on the side and about a tablespoon of shredded deli ham (since she seemed to like that yesterday). We'll see whether she eats it or if she goes for her kibble again.
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