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Clawdia update

Well, my mom and dad came down for a few hours to help me. Alice didn't come, so if Kay doesn't make it back down I'll be on my own this week.

I didn't try to squirt food in Clawdia's mouth today, since she seems to be nibbling on stuff all on her own: she's eaten some of her normal kibble, some of the prescription a/d and some turkey baby food. She doesn't seem much interested in drinking, though, so we tried to give her the subcu fluids.

Major failure. She wouldn't sit still once we got the needle in. We even found a video at Cornell's vet school on giving subcutaneous fluids to cats with kidney problems, but Clawdia was having none of the "happy cat sitting there and taking the liquids" that the video showed. She finally struggled free after only about 50ml. However, she did stop and lick off the fluid that had gotten onto her fur. I'm half-seriously thinking about squirting the stuff on her just so she'll lick it off and get some hydration that way.

Prior to the subcu disaster, my mom and I did get into her mouth an entire dropper of the Clavamox that the vet prescribed her. I'm hoping that if I can keep up the antibiotics she'll start feeling better and start drinking more.

And speaking of drinking, I've got one waiting for me. I've earned it.
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