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Spock: sex symbol

Mr. Spock: The 'Mystery of Masculinity' Embodied

When Gene Roddenberry created the TV series Star Trek, the suits at NBC had some advice: "Lose the Martian."

They were talking about Spock.

But Mr. Spock went on to become the most beloved half-alien in network history. In fact he went on to become, well, one of the most fascinating fictional characters on TV.

Fascinating — four syllables and one arched eyebrow — that's Spock, just as much as his pointy Vulcan ears.

read or listen to the rest at NPR.org


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Jul. 27th, 2009 03:26 am (UTC)
Indeed . . .
So, have you seen the new one yet? Oh wait, at the time you posted this it wasn't out yet. I'll keep reading, but I will say that the new one was awesome! And I swore that would never have happened. I was never so pleased to be completely and utterly wrong!
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