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The player of this game posts "6 weird things/habits about themselves", clearly reiterates this rule, then tags 6 new people to play the game.

  1. I still have two of my primary (baby) teeth. I'd have three if it weren't for the braces I wore in Jr. High...
  2. I sort my M&Ms by color before eating them, then eat them in such an order as to keep like colored candies maximally spaced apart.
  3. I talk to myself.
  4. I have a collection of over 1000 LPs.
  5. I can crack my big toes.
  6. I take my laptop to bed with me.
Tag! You're it: luna_torquill, metafori, pennysylan, qahawthorne, solledrache and starline. (Yes, I try to tag people in different circles so as to maximize the meme infectiousness...)
Tags: meme

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